External hdd

Is it possible to have unreal engine installed on a Mac and a pc, with the project saved to an external drive, so that I can take the external drive and work on the project on Mac when I can’t use my pc, and when I plug the external drive back into the pc, everything I did on Mac would still be there?

If you are working on the same engine version on both machines there is no problem, but you might need a quite fast connection USB 3+ or firewire or you will have long loading & saving times. You should copy the work from the hard-drive whenever you need to access it.

Nilsonlima Exactly you expalined the right method i did not find out any other suitable method i always used to do that with my External Hard disk.
i have the best SSD external hard drive might be it works just because of that.

Use source control to sync the project between different workstations.