External file based location/rotation. Possible or not?

Hello everyone,

I’m good with math, and I have experience in algorithms and programming. Also I have some experience in Unreal (UDK to be specific, I was a programmer and voice actor of the first PC game in my country).

I was assigned to make an app that will visualize the flight trajectory based on a file which contains all location (from GPS) and rotation info (pitch, yaw and roll) from a real airplane.

From my experience in UDK I’m sure that it will be ansomewhat easy task but I need some advice and quick tips so I wont waste time on wrong ideas.

So my main question is what options do I have? Can I generate a matinee from a file? Or I need to create a datatable and move an airplane to next point wit SetActorLocation? Or is there any other way?

you can use arrays of vectors, lerps, and setActorLocation / SetActorRotation nodes to animate objects:

and you can load that vector data from a text file using functions found in CoreMisc.h:



once you load the file into a string, you can parse it into an array of strings, splitting it at every comma, by using ParseIntoArray:

So it is possible to read a file and create motion based on that data! Thank you very much!