Exterior visualization

Hello, I finished this simple scene. Main purpose was to check what I had learn about creating UV maps for lightmap. Generally I am satisfied with result but this is still far away of what I wanted to achieve. :slight_smile:

Do you have any comments, criticism or suggestions?

Grass in scene is default material from StarterContent. I made few tests with speed tree backyard grass, but it was looking awfull and artificial.

My biggest critiques would be about your post-process. Way too much chromatic aberration, and tone the vignette down a bit. The first and third shots look very over-exposed; so much so that I can’t really make out the material on the tile at first glance.

I suppose it comes down to what type of style you are going for. Do you want a realistic human view? Camera? Stylized?

Wow I feel like i’m looking through a bad camera lens. I personally think there is too much chromatic aberration and the overall scene is too bright. Turn down the light source intensity a bit, or at least darken those tiles or the stucco. The architecture is very nice though, and it looks like you got your lightmaps right.

The grass could easily be made more realistically with the assets in the free “Kite Demo” pack on the marketplace. Paint the field grass asset over the current grass and you’ll have a nice 3d looking lawn.

One other small criticism would be that the scene feels very empty, and this is very common in outdoor achviz projects, people just don’t think about the background or what’s beyond. If you just put some trees behind the fence or something like that to tell the viewer that they are actually in the real world, not an empty level. Nice work though. :slight_smile: