Exterior Scene

hey there, just try for fun, will add some props later. AMAZING UE4!

wow, pro :slight_smile:

Fantastic work ! I really love that layout that you used from this project. It really catches the eye.

Thanks! Unreal engine just gives me the power to study the design in really quick way!

AMAZING UE4! indeed :smiley: Very nice lighting man…love it!

Where did you take these pictures :p:cool: Just kidding! Great work! It’s EPIC and UNREAL :smiley:

Nice work! Very cool shapes, what are your lightmass bake times? :slight_smile:

Looks so pristine, good work!

I’ve been producing arch viz CGI’s and animations for 15 years and have been playing with real time engines/sims for 10.
I’ve got to say that’s the best example of arch viz in real time I’ve seen.

Very well done. I’d go so far as to say I’d be happy to pay to buy your scene from you so I can look at what you’ve done.
We’ve only started scratching the surface with UE4 so we’re still learning how to use it. If you’re interested please let me




Wow! Can’t wait for Oculus to go 16k in a couple years. Be living inside places like this, 24/7. Well, maybe 23/6.9. Potty breaks, you know.

It’s about 3mins to bake the whole scene in preview quality.

Hi sunny,

Thanks for your concern that this is still in work, I might consider to upload to marketplace when it’s ready .


Fantastic i love it~老郭~:cool:

great stuff


Need an advice

Nice… :slight_smile:
Can you please tell us some tips about the lighting system used in this project…!!?
I need an advice for a start point for creating outdoor environment scenes… for example a house or a multi-storey building :slight_smile:

Shall I start with a specified project in the market place… OR with a blank one…!!?
Best Regards

Wow, amazing job, Sir!
You should definitely put this on the marketplace. Combined with occulus rift, this will be very2 amazing! :smiley: