Exterior and interior scene for architecture


I am an architect and I want a inside / outside scenes to integrate my architectural projects.
Or else , there are tutorials ?

I currently use Vray and I find UnrealEngine much more efficient and enjoyable to use .



There are plenty of tutorials.

Just look your right workflow -> Autocad ->3Dmax / Maya / Cinema4D even sketchup -> UE4

Yes, there is plenty of stuff out there. YouTube in particular is a great place for finding projects that have been created, and you can get some great inspiration there. Unreal Engine has a few things to get to know (mainly the baselightmass.ini file for nice interior light), but you can get some great results. For your outdoor scenes, Unreal has a great free pack of foliage assets in the marketplace from their Kite Demo. Furniture models for the inside are best obtained from places such as Turbosquid, although I’m sure you’re familiar with this because you come from the world of Vray. Lots of people on this forum are a great resource for answering your specific archviz questions as well. Good luck!


Thanks a lot for your messages :slight_smile:

I found an interesting website for architect :

What’s your opinion ?

David :slight_smile:

Yes, it’s great!
A “comming soon” word press website.

Nope. is very functional and very alive, “coming soon” message is for their up coming marketplace.

I think we should support the official unreal engine marketplace instead -_-