extending UE4 for personal needs

Im asking for my friend (bad english). So we have plug-ins for extending ue4 functionality. I’m talking about engine plugins. But I (not me actualy :rolleyes:) don’t have any idea how to add new frames, window forms and buttons (how to add new UI into the plug-ins). In unity 3d it was very simple “onGUI” function. Basic information on wiki is poor so I (haha gotcha again) don’t know where to start.

The plugin system is pretty new so documentation is not quite up to date yet. It’s easy to add new windows and buttons to your plugin. For starters I would look at the blank plugin example In UE4\Engine\Plugins\Developer\BlankPlugin. There are some other plugins as well that have some examples of how to create UI. It would be helpful if you would provide some more details about what exactly you are trying to do so that we can help further.