Extending the editor, custom tool

Hi All,

I have been following the extending the editor video from Michael Noland C++ Extending the Editor | Live Training | Unreal Engine - YouTube
And I have been looking into creating my own editor mode.

Somehow the property module I try to implement doesn’t show up the way I expected it would work, and I hope someone can help me find the missing link.

What I did was:

  1. I created a new “Editor mode plugin”
  2. Added a property module to the StartupModule in the EditorMode.cpp
  3. Created a EditorTool.h and .cpp which has a function and a property just to test out the functionality of the property module.
  4. Created an EditorToolCustomization to extend the CustomizeDetails function so I can create buttons for every property from the EditorTool class.

I think I need to initialize something somewhere to make it show up. But the video doesn’t explain this, and I also have been looking into source code but there is so many code to look at it is hard to find what the problem is exactly.

In the photos attached you can find the code I think is most important

What I understood from the tutorial is that the property should be loaded by LoadModuleChecked and will be linked to the EditorTool class with RegisterCustomClassLayout, and then it should just show up. But it doesn’t. :frowning: