extending native JNI methods in GameActivity


I need to add support for another VR input device (GoogleVR), and so far have everything working in the application layer (the java part), and have the necessary .so files being bundled in the final APK package.

Where I am stuck is figuring out the best way to add/override the default native JNI methods exposed in Can I just expose extra JNI methods in my C++ PlayerController? What if I need to hook into the render loop and inject my own code before painting? I could probably get most of what I need if I could find how/where is produced in the build (I assume it’s just a standard ndk-build?). Any insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for your time!

Hi Drkstr101,

GoogleVR is supported in 4.12 already as two plugins (GoogleVRHMD and GoogleVRController). You can take a look in these to see how JNI is used, for example FGoogleVRController::FGoogleVRController(). Android Plugin Language (the APL XML files) add Java code to

Awesome, I just found it. You just made my day!

Cheers and thank you!