Extending engine plugin

Hi guys,

We’re trying to access some of the functions and events of the nDisplay plugin, ideally without resorting to a source engine version. Is there any way to extend from an engine plugin with our own without the need to edit the engine plugin code itself?

I found a bit of information in this topic but it doesn’t get me very far and it isn’t referring to an engine plugin.

Any suggestions or help would be super appreciated!

AFAIK you can copy the plugin into your project’s plugin folder.

Hey STRiFE.x, thanks for the reply. I think it’s definitely possible. I followed along with this tutorial but the nDisplay plugin seems to be a lot more complicated. It’s made up of a bunch of modules and I’m getting errors about specific headers etc. that can’t be found by the local version of the plugin (see below screenshot)

I’m not really sure where to take it from there.

Have you tried compiling? You should only worry about errors you receive in the Output window. Intellisense will always have false positives because it can’t handle all the macros, and generated source files.

Yeah, that’s after a compile unfortunately. I’ve managed to get it down to this error:

Cannot open include file: 'dpTypes.h':No such file or directory

There’s no mention of that file on the internet and it doesn’t seem to exist on my PC at all, so I don’t know how the engine plugin manages to include it either. I feel like I’m close but there really just isn’t enough info about this out there.

I’ve also tried to use some of the interfaces from nDisplay but without much luck, it’s an effort just trying to figure out what’s been exposed for public use.