Extending Editor - Custom Blueprint Nodes, Pins

Actually those tutorials are on wiki, but not everyone is reading wiki, and on the other hand there is very little documentation on how to do all this magic with editor, you can see around, custom nodes, custom pins on blueprint functions, custom displays for custom data types etc.

Here are two tutorials I have written about this subject so far:

Custom K2 Nodes:

Custom pins on blueprints:

More things to come, as I work on extending editor and learn something useful.

Awesome iniside! Can you put up some screenshots of what end result looks like?

Hah, sorry for late reply:

That’s how customized pin might look like:

Looks great inside! Finally back to using code again so this will be very useful. Currently trying to learn the API so tutorials like this help a lot. Thanks for sharing these! :slight_smile:

i want a editor node like when i change a enum type, and the input variable also change. custom editor node can do it?



Hope it’s helps!

Awesome, thanks! :slight_smile:

The official wiki is no more, but have a brand new community wiki. In case you’d like to contribute :slight_smile:

Hi [USER=“69”]Moth Doctor[/USER],
I noticed only now your response :-/
Yes I’m glad this new wiki exists, I will contribute soon, i’ve others tutos in preparation!