Extending custom c++ "ActorComponent" in blueprints


So I have an class extending from UActorComponentClass in c++.

I want to extend that class in blueprints but when I search that class in create blueprints tab, I am not able to find it.
Although I am able to find the actorcomponent from which I inherited it from.

UCLASS(ClassGroup = (Custom), BlueprintType, meta = (BlueprintSpawnableComponent, IgnoreCategoryKeywordsInSubclasses, ShortTooltip = "Gaba"))
class PROJECTDIVINE_API UChampionComponent : public UActorComponent


I tried adding some UCLASS specifiers but no difference.

That’s not supported as far as I know. I couldn’t do it in my test project and I see this post on AnswerHub from way back, which states it’s unsupported.

Add the Blueprintable specifier, and make sure Blueprintable Components is checked in Editor Preferences | Experimental.