Extending AudioVolume functionality?

I’m trying to extend the functionality of AudioVolumes for our game by adding an enum to them to specify a simple type. I was hoping to be able to retrieve the volume and/or it’s data in a custom SoundCue node, but it appears as though the engines AudioVolume functionality is not all that extensible at all.

The main issue is that the audio thread seems to store a proxy of the audio volume - but it doesn’t contain any reference to the volume itself (which I understand) - but it duplicates all of the volumes’ settings (and strangely, the FBodyInstance with the code comment ‘this is scary’).

Could we get some love for these in a future update? It seems they’ve been somewhat neglected. Being able to pass arbitrary data to the audio thread for creating custom sound cue nodes would be great. For now we either have to extensively modify the engine to include the extra stuff we want, or use parameters.