Extending anim state machine in derived anim blueprint?

I created a third person project, and I wanted to extend the character’s animation. My plan was to make a blueprint based on the default ThirdPersonAnimBlueprint, and in its Anim Graph, either use the pose from the parent BP’s state machine, or a pose from a state machine of my own design (depending on some bool condition).

However, in the derived blueprint I only have an Event Graph, but no Anim Graph. Thus I seem to be unable to actually modify the state machine, the only control I have is whether or not to call the parent’s Update Animation event.

Is this by design? If so, how can I achieve what I want without copying everything from the default Anim BP? My only idea so far is to make a second, unrelated Anim BP that contains my custom state machine, and use SetAnimInstanceClass to switch between the two Anim BPs at runtime. But it would be harder to control blending/transitions between the animations that way.