Extended Third Person Template

Hi all,

I created this in my free-time and thought i should share it with you. :slight_smile:

Watch in HD

Download Project:

Good job Ryanjon! :wink:

Can you show me the ironsight BP or tell me how to do it? I would make something like this but when I zoom my CameraBoom with Target Offset + Clamp Vector Size nodes the result is a little “meh”. :frowning:

Any plan on sharing this? There’s some great stuff in there I want to deconstruct.

EDIT: Whoops, I didn’t go to the YouTube page. Anyone who wants to download it can get it here.

Hi Daren…Sorry for the late reply. Please follow the link MooseCommander posted to get the entire project. :slight_smile:

Thaaaaanks :smiley:

Any updated here? Thanks

What update?

Nice one … thanks for sharing

Great work :slight_smile:

It would be awesome if you could add these if possible:

Update to work with 4.7 release 2 (doesnt work with 4.7 has compiling errors that I do not know how to fix)

Multiplayer / networking support

IK for arms to move up and down when looking up and down so the weapon can move as well

Smoother & more polished movement (seems to be some snapping when rotating & turning around that always bugged me about the 3rd person template)
Some games have an extra animation and pause when you change directions if you know what I mean
Also when aiming there seems to be some minor twitching

Strafing (running side to side, to give a more free flowing movement to the standard character controller that we have been using for forever)

Traces (for weapons besides projectiles, I guess this could be pulled from an already existing blueprint somewhere and combined?)


Leaping / rolling in different directions

Maybe you could even consider these extensions for the marketplace or sold on your own I would pay good for a more complete character controller! As an animator / modeler I could never implement these in blueprints myself so I’m just praying someone as awesome as you will do it some day