Extended FPS template

Hi Epic,

Trying the FPS template, it just runs great.
I noticed the template could be extended to some point with these additionnal elements needed in any FPS almost :

  • reloading
  • both walk and run speed
  • crouch function
  • ladder climbing
  • alternative weapon with raytrace shooting
  • basic grenade
  • FPS camera with full body system instead of arms only


All they need to do is release the infiltrator demo.
problem solved.

Is this something that is done these days? Last time I was into FPS development this was only a good idea in theory, and always looked silly in practice. Has this changed?


When I saw the Advance Vehicle template I thought won’t it be nice if we had an advance FPS template(blueprint)!?The current FPS template leaves a lot to be desired.

  1. walk,run,jump
  2. crouch and prone
  3. reload
  4. iron sight and hip fire
  5. rifle and shotgun with realistic physic (bullet drop and spread).
  6. grenade throw and pickup.
  7. minimap

Basically a template that plays like Day of Defeat Source(minus the insane walk speed lol) Heck, I would even buy a template like that if it ever exist on the marketplace!

Infiltrator’s animations were made for that cinematic specifically i think, like the Matinee project in the marketplace so i dont think it would be any help for this purpose. Animation Starter Pack however have prone, ironsight, hip fire, crouch and many other animations ready to use. It’s just a matter of setting up the anim BP.

True. But i’m sure cinema animations can be cut, edited and used as regular animations. At the end of the day, its all basically FBX animations.
Plus it does have all the animations the OP listed and has alot more content than even the shooter demo.
Of-course not in gameplay form. But I will take content over gameplay anydayoftheweek (aka shooter game sucks + can’t even convert it to newer engine version).

The other reason I threw out infiltrator is to remind the Devs subliminaly what we truly want :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s pretty common, Halo & Crysis do. Not sure about the recent CoDs or Destiny though.

My wish

What I would like is there to be added 2 versions of each, totaling to 8 versions/template:
(sounds like a lot, but it is mostly copy pasting. Also these would work great as something for people to pick apart and learn from)

Advanced C++
Advanced Blueprints
Basic C++
Basic Blueprints
Advanced C++ Networked
Advanced Blueprints Networked
Basic C++ Networked
Basic Blueprints Networked

The basic('s) would contain only the movement -something every 1st person game should/could start from.
The Advanced('s) would contain 2 weapons, /(and picking them up and a scroll inventory), networking and reloading -something that helps greatly people wanting to make a(n) (multiplayer) FPS.

Redoing everything like this will be a lot of hours spent, but financially, it might just be worth it (when you give the less experienced developers something they can actually just continue to work from, they are less likely to give up, thence more likely to sell their game, hence more $$$)

Rather than expand current templates, it would be better to have tutorials for all of these features so that we understand how they work and can then customise and expand upon them to suit our projects’ needs.

From my experience working on Gears, I don’t think you want “realistic” shotgun spread. Generally, it’s too expensive to simulate a sufficient number of pellets to make that work well and with fewer pellets it feels too random. Gears1 did this and we removed it. What we chose instead was a predefined pattern for the pellets and treated them as hitscan bullets.

What’s a hitscan? Alot of people using Blueprints could do with a glossary of Coder terminology :wink:

You could cheat with the shotgun and check for enemies being inside an invisible, arched cone. Sort them by distance and then starting with the closest, roll a dice to see how many of a total amount of pellets hit them. You’d want to weigh it so that the closer to the shotgun they are, the more chance they have of being hit too.

You’d then need to do a few line checks after for impacts, based on how much buckshot didn’t hit anything.

No, Halo & Crysis only fake the body - it doesn’t match the third person view everyone else sees.
See True First Person Viewpoint.

As for this request, the shoot demo contains reloading, hitscan, projectiles etc.
Bullet drop is trivial.
Penetration, more complex.

Several people have already created demonstartions and tutorials as well.

You just need to check out the forums, YouTube and use Google :slight_smile:

it only needs AI enemys