Extended First Person Template

Ive started working on a blueprint package that extends the functionality of the default first person shooter template that is provided with the engine. The goal of the package is a base to build your first person games on that need the classic functionality such as sprinting, crouching, health, HUD, usable items and weapons. Ive noticed a lack of consolidated packages on the marketplace, where only certain aspects of each are included (or are convoluted with many other features). This template is meant for singleplayer only.

So far features present are

  • Health System (Fall damage, drowning, health bar)
  • Basic Weapon System (includes basics such as switching weapons, reloading, firing, ect)
  • Player movement (Sprinting, crouching, swimming, and ladders)
  • Useable Items (Doors, and anything else the player can interact with)
  • Flashlight

The weapons, weapon FX and animations are from Ironbellys FPS weapons, which will have native support, but are not included with the template.

Demo as of 10/11/2016


Potential Price: $50-$60