Extend the launch time?

Hey, guys. I am the freshest of game developers, and at the moment, I am implementing a slide/roll mechanic for a game in Paper 2d.
Right now, I have that pressing the slide input will trigger a “Launch Character”. I’ll post a screenshot of the whole thing here: https://gyazo.com/a934474757f276d32392cf0a37eed1cb
I’m sure it is a terrible way to do a slide, but I really could not find a simple explanation of sliding, so I tried my own method.
It works, I guess, but the speed boost that comes from the launch is very short. How could I extend the period of time over which the player is “launched”? I would like the launch to last about .5 seconds. It is entirely possible that such a thing cannot be done, and I am using Launch in the wrong way. If that is the case, I’d love to know.


Maybe try using a timeline and add a “Delta Offset” to the player instead of “Launch” and a delay like you have.