Extend length of authentication tokens on the website

I’ve been noticing that, at least for me, when I’m using the forums/answerhub, I repeatedly have to go to a little OAuth screen if I’m coming back to the site after working for a couple hours. I can’t say for sure, as I don’t know how your authentication system is setup, but if I’m right, my remember/refresh token is expiring very quickly (like in an hour) and thus I have to refresh authentication multiple times a day. It’s only a 3-5 second pause/break, but it gets annoying quick. It also can mess with posting on a thread. For instance, I was just writing a reply to a post I had pulled up a few hours before, and when I clicked submit, it did the auth refresh and I lost my reply.

I don’t know if this is the right forum for this, and I know it’s not an engine feature, but please, get one of your web developers on this. It’s really annoying!

Thanks for letting me rant haha.

Yeah, it’s a little annoying, especially when sending PMs and posting. Glad the forums at least have autosave, but it really should last a lot longer. It seems like every hour I need to wait for that screen to pass.

Yeah, it’s exactly one hour.

It’s been brought up in January and @Kensou said they will think about extending this period. Seems like they decide not to.

I think it really ought to be at least 12 hours. I don’t understand what would be stopping Epic from doing that. Is there some extra server cost I’m unaware of or something? It seems like it would be actually cheaper to make the auth period longer, since the server has to do less refreshes.

cries in getting logged out every 5 minutes

“The Unreal Way” comes to mind.

Hi all.

The forum timeout after an hour actually isn’t intentional, but the solution for it is tied to a larger forum update that we are working on and testing.

I agree the current timeout is inconvenient, so I thank you for your patience while we work towards a solution.


As long as the intention is to change it (and hopefully soon), I’m happy.