Extend Engine class - no ENGINE_API

Hello there,

I’m trying to extend UModel class from Engine module in my game’s module. The class has no ENGINE_API macro, I guess it might cause problems since it’s for making a class public from what I know. There’s also DECLARE_CASTED_INTRINSIC_NO_CTOR macro in the class which I don’t know what is for, but looks interesting so I’m mentioning it.

The question is - is it possible to extend such a class? I’m asking, because an error occurrs “unresolved external symbol” regarding class’ constructor.

I’ll appreciate any help!

Hello, Kosmo

Theoretically, you can try to extend the class by editing its source and rebuilding the engine, but I wouldn’t recommend this.
Please note that editing the Engine source may result in undefined behavior and some non-trivial errors.
There are logical reasons beneath the fact that developers aren’t able to extend some classes, which involve benefits for both sides.

For game developer in particular this usually means that there are different, more effective ways to solve the problem.

Hope this was helpful! Have a great day!