Extend class from plugin?

Hi there,

Im trying to figure something about plugins, i want to make base class and functionnality in a plugin (something like a game framework plugin) But for some reasons all the class i make in my plugin are only accessible via BluePrint and are not showing in the parent class window once in the editor. If i create the same class in the game project files i can see it in both blueprint and add code windows. Is there anything that need to be added to make it working in my plugin?


  1. Did you import your plugin into your game in your game.build.cs? Do you also add the public directory of the plugin to the game include path in game.build.cs?

  2. Did you place the .h files for the classes you want to export in the public folder of your plugin?

Thanks JCoder, didnt knew that the module had to be added in the game.build.cs since it’s was loaded in the Editor, working like a charm now :slight_smile: