Extend anim blueprint editor

I’m trying to develop a plugin to extend the basic animation blueprint editor so that when creating an anim blueprint from a skeletal mesh, animators will only have 2 panels: the preview scene viewport and a details panel where they could use some C++ tools to alter animations/poses easily without going threw any blueprint scripting or even looking to the anim/event graphs.

I could create some custom nodes that animators will set to alter different poses but the point would be to gather all the nodes settings in a single panel and hide the anim graph from animators.
I have looked over extending anim instance, creating standalone window plugins and creating custom anim graph nodes but I’m not sure what would be the best solution for such a specific task.

Any ingenious idea to run through this in a smart way is welcome. Thanks to all.

Probably no nice way to do it, on the whole the asset editors are the least extensible part of the editor.

Direct engine modification would likely be the easiest approach. If that isn’t an option, then yeah, you’re probably looking at deriving from UAnimInstance, and creating your own asset editor for it, likely copy-pasting a bunch of code. No small task, you’d want to be sure it’s really worth the effort before starting.

Thanks Kamrann,

As this was the first step to a broader goal, I have managed to go through this step without this custom anim BP which was not the best approach on a global aspect.
I am now trying to create a custom anim sequence asset class where each curve will affect a group of bones on pre-defined transforms instead of affecting one bone transforms.

I’m digging but any suggestion is welcome.

If anyone ever need to know more about how I over-passed my problem, just ask I will explain in details but a simple approach would be a plugin containing a global anim blueprint set and controlled by an in game UI.