[Exteel] import old assets and maps

A mech-shooter from NCSoft named Exteel was shutdown back in 2010 and i still got a client. So my question is: Is it possible to import those old files into UE4 or maybe UE3? I don’t really know the original UE version of this game (Wikipedia says a modified UE2-version, but i also read something about a korean 2.5 version). In the end i just want to make some retro screenshots of the old maps. The files have the ending .map and .unr.

If anyone is able to open this files please let me know! :slight_smile:
I would be really happy if i can see that maps again. :3

I wasn’t able to open them on UE2. (Maybe that means nothing :P)

Dropbox (maps):

  • <Removed link to possible copyrighted content> - Kris*


No, it can’t.
Besides that, you wouldn’t legally be allowed too anyway :frowning:

Also, I removed the link in case it was to copyrighted content.

OK. Thank you, for your fast reply! :slight_smile:
Is a client copyrighted content in general (i am new to this)? … even if i just want to take a view on the maps? :slight_smile:
I have also seen people, which loaded some assets into Unity 5. :o

Anything you don’t have rights to sell/distribute is.
I have no idea about Exteel - I was just erring on the side of caution :slight_smile: