exr texture export?

Could RealityCapture now use the true 16 bit pixel depth from RAW/DNG files through the whole process while rendering the texture?
Or it works with 8 bit input only so it doesn’t matter what is the output format?


In latest release RealityCapture support 16/32/float bit only for export Undistorion images. That you can use in external tools for texture generation.

Texturing in RC for this moment still only 8Bit.


Is there an eta when you might be implementing:

  1. The use of 16 bit RAW images in the processing of the data.
  2. Ability to use HDR images.
  3. Ability to export a 16 bit texture map.




i don’t think there are ETA is exist for this. But current support for 16/32/etc bit images undistortion export is a first step for full 16/32bit support in RC.

  1. and 2. was from start. RC can read and use any images that can recognise windows.

For internal SFM/MVS work 16bit or 32bit range is less inportant than contrast between features and non features. So i think internally RC will always use 8bit for align/depths/meshing.

But texturing in 16/32/float/HDR is needed. And as soon as undesitortion already support them, probably texturing will be next… on some of next releases, i hope.

So for now, it possible export cameras and mesh and undistorted 16/32/HDR images and generate 16/32/etc textures in external tools.

How do you export undistorted images in last RC ? I can’t find it.
+1 for higher dynamic texturing support !

Jonathan_Tanant wrote:

How do you export undistorted images in last RC ? I can’t find it.

hello, it’s in the ALIGNMENT tab / Export / Registration / Undistorted images with imagelist

Are there any news on exr texture export?



it is listed in the feature requests