EXQUISITIVE (Educational Purpose)

Hello guys!

I’m a high-school student and I really like developing games. I made a game for a scholar contest with a good friend and now we’re receiving support from a Microsoft’s employee and students. We’d like to continue developing this game in order to increase popularity’s IQ.

Well the main quest of this Educational Game was to find new ways to teach kids lessons in school easily and differently. At the end of each and every day, you’ll have to pass a quiz to go to the next level.
1st day - Physics Day
2nd day - History Day
3rd day - Chemistry Day
4th day - Biology Day
5th day - Informatics Day

Every day you see new things such as ‘The Force’ ~ It’s not Star Wars :frowning: ~ but it is like a platform with forces drawn on HUD.

Trailer here :
~~ Sorry for the missing texture in the center of the city ~~

Graphics may be bad but it was my first big project and I don’t have a good system to work on so I had to get used to it.
Now we’re working on a remake of the game hoping that we’ll get new system components meanwhile. hehe… :frowning: not really funny