Exposing UE5 TickPhysicsAsync Event

In UE5, the new Tick Physics Async option sets the physics simulation to run on its own thread and at fixed intervals - something that’s necessary for my current project. However, this leads to a further complication for the user where that, now, they can’t know when the physics simulation happens because its not part of the game thread or its tick event.

At a high level, the Tick event in unreal works exactly like Unity’s Update method. And Unity’s FixedUpdate method works like how I’m hoping UE5’s asynchronous “Physics Tick” could work.

I’ve done a bit of digging in the source code and, firstly, I understand very little of it (I’m a noob) but, as far as I can tell, there’s no Physics Tick event exposed anywhere for the user to access. I would think that for the asynchronous physics loop to be a thing at all, there must be a Physics Tick of some kind and, hopefully, one that can be made accessible to users.

After spending two months with unreal it’s something I cringe horribly at the thought of but, if this can’t be done, I will have to transition back to Unity :nauseated_face:

So… if anyone has any knowledge or advice on how to expose the Physics Tick to the user, I’d love to hear it!

Thanks :grinning:

I’ve been doing some more digging in the source code and the chaos vehicle implements asynchronous physics by using its own physics scene and, by the looks of it, manages that scene within the vehicle manager. Is that what it takes?!

… I might be in over my head.