Exposing endoskeleton when get enemies receive hit or get attacked

I’m working on the Marvel based game (a portfolio project) where the Skrulls are possessed by the Symbiotes and when the player shoots them the areas where they receive the hit the endoskeleton (Skrull) will get exposed…

I got this idea by watching this:

I would prefer if there a video tutorial, project or the screenshot of the Blueprint


Hello @Superbadsal

Looks like to Two layers of Meshes. The outside mesh with skin using dissolve, the inside mesh the with metallic mat. The dissolved area appears to be switching physical material to trigger spark particles on impact. Several Youtubes Tuts for the Dissolve Effect. Several pre-created dissolve effects in the Marketplace (with a couple of laser effects: 1 & 2 ). In the second video you posted, the creator posted a link to the tutorial.