Exposing Child actor class to editor.

Hi guys,

I have an actor blueprint that contains 2 child actor components. I would like to make the class drop down menu of these child actors to be available in the editor.
So the idea being that I drag my blueprint in to the scene and the from the details panel select which class of child is added to that particular instance of the blueprint.

Any ideas on how to do this would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance,


Use an extra variable. This should work:


You may want to Expose on Spawn, if you want to do this during run-time as well.

Hi Everynone,

Thanks for the answer, the one issue I have now is that my own classes don’t seem to appear in the Class variable drop down.
If I click the class dropdown on the “Set child actor class” node everything is there but nothing in the Class variable.

Do I need to make the (Child) actor I want to use public or available to other blueprints somehow?

Thanks again,


Dropping this object in the level lets me choose whichever class I want providing it’s an Actor:

Are you sure the variable type is set to Actor class reference (purple - first pic)?

Perfect! You my friend are a wonderful human being. I’d selected the class variable from the BP tutorial, not the actor object!

Thank you so much for the help.