Exposed variables not keeping value

Do I have the wrong impression that when you expose a variable in a blueprint, you can place the actor in the level you can set those values. I have actors all over my level with Booleans that I set for different characters, like “Can be hit” or “isVisible”. I set them all individually, but next time I open my project, all those values are back to the way they were before. I also have nothing in my constructors setting those values


Is there something wrong with my project? I also have to set navigation to static every time I Load the project, It wont ever save to static, and always switches back to dynamic.


I have created a test blueprint in which I created a few exposed variables and set their default values. After going to File->Save All and restarting the project, the values that I set were still there.
Are you able to reproduce the same issue in a new project? If so, could you provide me with a link to a zipped version of it on Dropbox so that I can take a look at it since I am unable to reproduce it on my end. Thank you.