Exposed camera projection matrix like in Unity?


Is it possible to have the camera projection matrix exposed so that we can use our own matrices to get the “special effects” of our dreams, or to forget gaming for a moment, let UE4 be any useful for applications like archviz and many more “adult” things? In your gaming head language: Can you imagine a zombie head flying off, gore everywhere, chainsaw roaring, and all this in Fisheye look that is NOT postprocessing but true camera projection so that we do not need oversampling like for the Panini projection that you already have?

There are many people that use ue4 for archvis to great effect. Im sure if you really wanted a fisheye look then you could make a post process material that would accomplish that pretty easily. also there is a depth of field slider if your using a perspective camera.

I personally dont like the fisheye look so i havent made one myself.

Fisheye was only an example. It is about adding any camera lens you want, that’s why Unity exposed it. Doing it in post processing is out of question because you need to oversample, which is just nonsense if you can modify the projection matrix directly. And even with oversampling you will still notice that the stretched center pixel for example were simply magnified.

Here is postprocessing in case someone wants to do it. You really just take the Screen texture (the render results) and stretch it like in Photoshop&Co… By nature of the process, you get really ugly artifacts as soon as you push it.