Expose Vertex Colors data in the GetSectionFromMesh functions

GetSection functions for both Procedural Mesh and Static Mesh don’t have the Vertex Colors output that is used in standard mesh data:

Please expose the Vertex Colors in these functions.
We also can’t access mesh vertex color data in any way, even with the Allow CPU Access turned on. It can be very useful to properly implement some mesh processing automation tools/procedural mesh generation tools.

Oh yes. I currently need Vertex Color Manipulation In-Editor without painting myself

Add the requested additional output parameter in a PR, see . Cheers,

Thank you!

Very nice :slight_smile:

Update: The pull request from @project.gheist was classified as a breaking change unfortunately, more details available under the pull request link.
Not sure how to add this without breaking it. I didn’t know that adding a function output in C++ API can be so destructive. I remember learning about implementing more ‘flexible’ solutions (polymorhism and stuff), so e.g. a function would work correctly even if not provided enough outputs (it would just fire a different implementation), but that was long ago, so maybe I’m babbling.

Just for reference, here is @project.gheist 's updated PR: