Expose static mesh lightmap resolution to blueprint

I’ve had several occasions recently where it would be really useful if I could programmatically (Blutility) change the lightmap resolution of a static mesh asset and static mesh component. There are a couple of static mesh properties exposed to editor scripting already but currently StaticMesh.LightMapResolution, StaticMeshComponent.bOverrideLightMapRes & StaticMeshComponent.OverriddenLightMapRes are read-only.

If these were exposed I could:

  • Make a right-click ActorAction Blutility to quickly raise or lower the resolution on the instance or source mesh
  • Allow my level tools to automatically set sensible lightmap resolutions for construction-script-generated meshes (based on the instance size or a designer-adjustable setting)
  • Make a tool that can automatically set sensible lightmap resolution overrides per instance, based on estimated max view size


It would be really nice if we got this as part of the Editor Scripting Utilities plugin - it would really help speed up my ArchVis workflow:

Instead of selecting Static Mesh Actors in the scene, double clicking the Static Mesh Property and changing the Lightmap Resolution in the Static Mesh Editor, I could have an Editor Widget that just sets the Lightmap Resolution of the selected Actor/Asset.