Expose some settings to be modified in the level design panel

Ok this is probably easy but can’t find how to do it.
Basically I have a simple actor that will be used for every interactable static mesh on my scene. It will hold some simple variables like the item hp, weight and damage if thrown.
Simply enough these item will be grabbable, thrown, can damage enemy pawn and can break if damaged (throwing also damage them).
So my approach was to create a blueprint of the actor “ThrowableItem”, set everything up and then just place it in the scene and just change some of these exposed parameters “hp, weight, damage,…” and the static mesh so it can be a chair or a barrel or a table,…
But I can’t find how to do it. Right now my only workaround has been to create child of these blueprints and just change the default values of these variables and change the static mesh.

There is not such thing as spawning the actor in the scene, and just change (from the ue4 interface) the static mesh and other variables?

Just like in the image, just spawn the item in and then change from the details panel the mesh and the variables?

Just expose the variables:


and they are visibile in the level:


Thank you so much, I managed to miss this even tho I already made some of the variables public.

No worries :slight_smile: