Expose RestartPlayer code flow to Blueprint

The RestartPlayer code flow in C++ for respawning players is really nice and has a lot of things that are common to implement already implemented.

Would be awesome if this was exposed to blueprints, instead of recreating this manually.

Most of the relevant framework is already exposed, i.e. SpawnDefaultPawnFor can be overridden, but not called, in blueprint.

+1 for this request!!

Coming from the blueprint side, I didn’t know this existed. Sounds pretty good to me though! BP respawn systems can be a bit of a pain.

Hi Allar,

Thank you for your request. I think this would be a great idea and have entered a feature request, UE-16598 to be considered by the development staff.

I’m assuming that this request was based on 4.7

In 4.8 we exposed a large amount of the GameMode code flow to blueprints, can yo let me know if you still feel you’re missing hooks and what those are and I’ll see whether it is viable to expose them to blueprints.

RestartPlayer() can still not be called from Blueprint in 4.8.