Expose F-key bindings to Project>Input


I would like to use F1-F12 keys in my game, so It will be very useful if I will have access to F-key bindings like Fullscreen and viewmodes on project layer. I think I can adjust these keys in editor bindings however It is not very comfortable solution when I need to have different bindings per project. Everytime I am settings up some F-key I need to check if there is not some existing editor binding for this key.

Hi ,

If you want to change your Editor Input keys, you can do so through the Editor Preferences window. Then what you do is hit “set as default” and save the new defaults to a file. This will take your preferences and save them to a separate file that you can set to the defaults of any project you work on in the future.

Thank, yes however I would like to set FullScreen F11 to some other key because I will use F11 for gameplay action in one project. It was a bit confusing when I realized there are some already binded keys in my game when Project Settings > Input is empty. How can I know which editor binding is binded also in gameplay ?

If you go into Editor Preferences>Keyboard shortcuts, you can look for “Immersive Mode”, change that key to another that you prefer instead of f11. Then Export this so you can transfer it to other projects if need be. This will allow you to reset the f11 keybinding and not enter immersive mode when you are using play in editor.

It sounds to me as if the question isn’t so much how to do it as it is how to be alerted to collisions.

  • F11 is mapped to “Immersive Mode” in the editor.
  • Go in and add a default binding in the editor for F11 to do something in game.
  • ???
  • Editor alerts you that your keybinding overlaps/collides with an existing engine keybinding.

Yes, Veovis is right. I think it will be good to some kind of warning or so :slight_smile:

Thank you for helping . I really appreciate it. I know that I can easily change these bindings in Editor Preferences but I don’t know which keys conflict with gameplay keys :). Maybe some documentation with list of editor keybinds that are exposed during gameplay too will be enough.