Expose Dino spawn entries in gamemode like the weight multipliers

Instead of remapping a whole spawn zone, it would be easier if we could just add to the spawn dino array. Purely speculating but that would make every other dino mod compatible and we can all share the same spawn zones. Even more, we won’t have to update every time a new dino is released leaving the core spawn entries alone.

I second this! Great idea!

i agree +1

Has anyone successfully added their custom dino to the spawn entry weight multiplier and have it correctly reflect the spawn weight multiplier/spawn limit percentage in the game? You can test this by setting your spawn zone entries values high then set these really low to see if the override really works. No luck so far on my end, the purpose of this to give the subscriber INI settings to change the spawn amount directly.

This would be a great step int he right direction for Dino color mods and dino modding.