Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with FBX 2010 vs FBX 2016 but 2010 works like a Pro

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Plz Watch this, Plus I Know I am helping at the same time with this video lol.
Exporting to UE4 from Cinema 4d with c4d fbx 6.1 2010 and it works like a Pro ,it export the textures and even the textures are compiling it right, every is be setup Color channel, Luminance channel, reflectance or Spec… channel and Normal channel for the material, works fine, also no need for creating Light-Maps because if you add it, It will not work, just let UE4 generate light-map for you in importing process, which is great and everything works fine. But now when I try to use 7.4 2014 or 7.5 2016 , it dont work right.
Also you can only use R16 and R17 fbx 6.1 2010 for method to work.
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AP Ashton, by CGI ART

You’re absolutly right, 2010 works even with an additional lightmap UV channel and still imports smoothing groups correctly beside that it still gives the usual warning message.
I never would have expected that.

I’ve also tested the same thing in R16, but it gave me the usual unsmoothed polygons look i had before when using 2 UV channels on a model.

My bet: Maxon somehow messed up the version number naming in the export dialog, so fbx 6.1 2010 might actually be the fixed 2015 version while the fbx 7.5 2016 even crashes my UE4 on import (tested in UE4.9.2).

As for the site in the description, is that your site?
Not sure, but it makes me suspicious that one has to create an account for downloading stuff labled as free.

Yes, it is our website. It is completely legit we don’t see any of your card info. But since you brought it up other people may have the same concern and we are going to make adjustments for free plugins. But we would like you to make an account on our site for future updates and features.