exporting textures from blender and import in to ue4?

I’ve got a 3d model from blendswap to use in my ue4 map after some kind help from another forum user.

The model has gomne into my map no problem, But how do I get its textures into ue4?

In blender you can see the model is textured, but I cant find where the textures are stored so I can put them into my materials folder in ue4 and texture the model accordingly.

I’m an absolute rank amateur at modelling and would appreciate some help guys!

You can try File - External Data - Unpack All into Files. You should be able to export the mesh and have the textures come with it, but you can also export the mesh first, import the textures in UE4 and add them in the material.

Thanks for your reply cyaoeu, im totally new to blender so please excuse my ignorance.

If I try file >>external data>>unpack all, where do all the files/textures etc go?

If I do the above will it now export the mesh alongside textures, I’ve tried previously without the “unpack all” command to export as an fbx but it only does the mesh not the textures?

It should export the textures in the .blend folder. But just save a copy of the file and try it out yourself. If you don’t unpack the textures they’re not on disk (hidden in the .blend file) so they don’t get included in the .fbx. (I think :rolleyes:)

Ah ok I’ll give that a shot thankyou!

Thanks for that it worked!

There’s some great addons that make the work between Blender 2.80 and Unreal 4.21(4.22 soon I’m sure),

Is the addon for the Blender to UE workflow:

For PBR from Substance to Blender to auto connect nodes:

I’m sure the above would eventually be added to your workflow, so they sort of go hand in hand.

The ultimate question is, will there be a smooth transition between all three, at least. If so, then I know I’d be a happy camper.