Exporting Take Recorder issue

Hi there

I’m working on building a small virtual production setup and can’t seem to get anything to render out. I’m using the Take Recorder and a Vive controller using LiveLink to control the camera.

After I’ve made my recording with the Take Recorder the Camera Cut sections seems strangely dark but if I scroll through it shows the recording. However once I try to render anything all I get is black. Any advice?

I’m using 4.26. My computer has an RTX 2070. I’m genlocked and getting timecode from an external source and have tried exporting with internal timecode and it hasn’t made a difference.

Right-click on the camera cuts and make sure the camera is bound to it. Wrong view or odd camera results usually because the camera is not bound.
Also, make sure to check your exposure settings for the camera. Check autoexposure and check the cinematic of the camera.

Figured it out.

I had my camera controls on one level and the environment on the other. Once I added a Level Visibility track it was able to render.

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