Exporting retargeted animations removes root motion

I was trying to export some retargeted animations from the starter animations to this lizard character. Although the preview in the IK retargeter looks fine, the exported animations loses all root motion and the pelvis bone get fixed in the air.

This is what the walk, run, jump animations looks like in the retargeter.
2023-01-15 19-37-54

This is what the exported animations looks like
2023-01-15 19-38-43

One cause I can think of is the fact that this issue only happens with this lizard skeleton, which doesn’t have a separated root bone, only a pelvis bone. I can only guess this may interfere with the root motion in someway but I’m so confused as why it works in the retargeter but not in the exported animations.

Is there anyway to fix this?

Did you find a solution to this? I am facing the exact same issue.

in the chain mapping select the root chain and then set it’s translation mode in the details panel to either “Globally Scaled” or “Absolute”.

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