Exporting Quad Models for editing in blender?

Is there any way to export models from unreal that are made of quads instead of triangles? I ask because I would like to prototype my level in unreal using box brushes and then export to blender to further refine. Its just to difficult to work with triangles in blender or any modeling program.

Quads are always made of two triangles when rendered. When using Polygons with more than 3 Vertices, you don’t have control how the triangles are built.
Whats so difficult about working with triangles anyway?

Try Blender “Tris to Quads” in the Faces menu in edit mode. This works pretty well for triangulated quads.

E.g. the subdivision modifier doesn’t work well with triangles…

In games, it’s always tris, so there’s no way to get quads out of Unreal, you would have to get the original file that has quads and n-gons