Exporting OBJ to use at After Effects and Element 3D


I have a question. I would like to export a scene (landscape, building etc) from UNREAL and use it in After Effects and specifically in Element 3D plugin from video copilot. The supported format is only .obj. So I select “export selected” from “file” tab, choose .obj format and I do the job. However I notice that the .obj although it is imported perfectly into the plug in, all the textures are blank (white). is this happened becouse the format of texture is always .bmp (at unreal directories) ? or what else to do to load the textures ? any idea ?

the shaders have to be built up to use in AE
I’m not sure how you’d export textures from a landscape

there’s tutorials for how to export textures for objects

from shaders

but the tech used for a landscape is not something that an OBJ in AE would use at all

I would just buy ‘pro shaders 2’ from VCP, its not expensive and you can drag and drop materials onto your OBJ’s and works very well.