Exporting meshes from 3ds Max as group with seperat meshes?

Hey everyone!
I’d like to know, if i could export an entire scene as a FBX file. While the meshes within the scene is separate? So the scene is grouped together?
If it’s possible, it could save a lot of time.

Thank you.

yes you can export a whole scene in one .fbx, but i would suggest against it.
If one mesh needs editing, you need to export the whole scene again, not to mention the filesize. especially when using perforce/svn/git/stuff.

just google: [3D application you are using] + Batch export tool.
That should give you a good exporter that exports all your meshes separately really fast.
for 3dsmax id suggest this one: Batch export/import – JosBalcaen

Thank you!
I’ll try that out tomorrow.