Exporting Meshes and Textures

Hi, i have buied from Epic Marketplace some Samurai Arts.
I need to export meshes and textures but if i make “export selected” of a samurai art, it export only meshes and not textures, can you help me to export all texures and meshes together? i have to import it in Character Creator 3 Reallusion.
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I assume you are exporting your materials and meshes by right-clicking on them Asset actions->Export. If not then that should work.

I imagine you’re probably going to need to export the individual textures of the material and put them onto your character withing character creator 3.

I do this, Asset Actions->Export, but if i do this textures ane not present and the fbx is gray,and i have to save after the textures separately to link the textues to the meshes in Reallusion CC3.
Also If i do this in the meshes the name ot the textures are also different of the name files of the textures, and they need to be linked again, and is verily a job too big select the right texure with the different name to link it to dedicated mesh again.
I need a process for export mesh and textures automatically and right…
Plese help

I believe There is Reallusion UNreal Link for this that could be Available also for one month Trial…
In the meaning time any solution you have is appreciated
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Well, I don’t think this exists. UE4 isn’t really designed for directly exporting into CC3. Unless you can find a CC3 plugin that imports UE4 materials.

Understood, i have this sensation also but i have asked to be secure.
To bypass the problem, have you a guide to put a katana in the hand of the samurai and rig combat move?
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you can do a simple trick for it.

  1. first make a static mesh from that item

  1. now open that static mesh and select backout materials

  1. check what you want. I think you need something like this

4.now you can export

No sorry.

Hi, i reach thr goal with your solutions but colors are pretty different, perhaps because i linked only “Diffuse” propierty for textures?have you advice.
I attach textures manually but now works…
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Yeah, on the paragon characters, this method also does not work. I test them, and still, the texture’s asset ability to “export” is not there;