Exporting mesh from UE

Hello guys. I created two different meshes on Maya. A column and a main structure body. Uv mapped and textured both. Imported them into Unreal. Inserted the main body into place. And i made like 9 copies of the column inside unreal placing them around the main body… I tried to grab all these meshes (11 now) and export them as an fbx file so i can use this mesh into another unreal project. but it gives me errors (smoothing groups error). and when i try to import it it has no texture. And the pivot is not aligned… Any help? So they main thing is. Can i export those 11 meshes from unreal somehow. and then import it into another project?


You can combine meshes into one mesh and use migrate command for transfer this new asset for other projects.

First of all thanks for answering. Instead of migrating it into another project in my computer, i would like to send it to a friend. So i need that export. But when i merge it and i export it, when i reimport it into another project it gives me (propably) lightning errors, It’s kinda black. I build the light and nothing changes. any idea?