Exporting Materials

Hi, what is the best way to Export Materials for later use?

I understand you can migrate materials into a specific project, but I want to create a separate folder on my external drive for all my materials. This way, I can then just import them as needed, without having to try and figure out what project file it was in and then waiting for it to load. Additionally, I have two computers and may only bring one with me somewhere. So having an archive of all the materials is a lot easier and makes more sense.

i dont think you can export materials to desktop, just textures… you could make a folder with all the materials you want to transfer, which will make a .uasset you can copy and paste to another computer… but it would have to have all the textures and such with it

If I am understanding correctly, I could just go in the Unreal and make a folder called Rock, and make the texture/material files in there. Afterwards I could just go into the file explorer and move it whever I want because these files are actually not bound to each specific project and can be moved manually without the migrate feature and automatically work in a new project?

(if it is a project I want to keep I would copy and paste the files instead of directly moving them of course)