Exporting from zbrush for UE4

hi Guys

New to UE4 but not 3D sculpting.

The problem I’m having is getting exported things from zbrush to work properly in UE4.

Imported objects have odd orientations, sometimes odd scales too… and I am struggling to get UV’s to work properly.

So rather than post all my issues/questions here I need a list of good tutorials, books etc. anything that will help me organise the workflow between zbrush and UE4. specifically UV creation, normal maps etc and export for UE4 within zbrush. materials export for UE4 and keeping object groups linked on import. it might also be about import functionality and tweaking settings…

If you know of any tutorials that might help chuck a link in here and ill reward you with a smiley face and grateful heart :wink:

cheers guys

This guy has a series of videos that might help you out.

Also someone on the answer hub asked a similar question to you and this was Jacky’s response all credit to him.

Should I first retopology a created in ZB mesh? Then create a animated skeleton structure in 3D Studio Max, Maya or Blender, and then Export model in UE4?

Yeah, this is what you should do for skeletal meshes. Since a couple of million polygon high-def models are useless in any game engine you’ll have to retopologize them. For static meshes, you can import them directly into the UE4 after retopologizing and unwrapping the UV’s but you may have issues with orientation and other stuff and since OBJ format is limited at what it can export it will be to your advantage to use Max, Maya, Blender or Cinema4d as a middleware to polish and give your model its final looks before you export it as FBX.

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awesome, thanks… should find some answers in there.

I am retopologising my hi poly models to a game resolution, and creating UV’s. but just having trouble with them all importing and connecting in UE4… Ill persevere as I’m loving UE4 so far. so intuitive… I’m also using blender for animation, but that’s another story.

Zbrush doesn’t have a good workflow to go directly to UE4, it works better to use your main 3D app between Zbrush and UE4 (Blender, 3ds Max, Maya, etc.)