Exporting From UE4 to Blender or Mirroring Animations in UE4

Hi, I bought the FPP Melee Animset from the marketplace, but in my game I want dual wielding so I’m going to blend animations at the shoulder for each weapon, but in order to do weapons in the left hand, as far as I can tell the only way to do it is by exporting the animations from UE4 into Blender, flipping them there, and import the flipped animations back into UE4.

This is what I get when I export the animations and import the FBX file into Blender, it doesn’t look right, I tried exporting it with and without the mesh, without just showed the bones that didn’t resemble a human, and also with and without the ‘Map Skeletal Motion to Root’, but they both look the same as this.

Bearing in mind there are 100’s of animations I’m going to have to do one-by-one, and I have no idea what I’m doing with Blender, is there a better way to flip all these animations? While not mirroring the bones too, so I can layer the animations in UE4? And preferably a way to do it in UE4 since I have no idea what I’m doing in Blender.

Use my addon and paste opposite.
It won’t be the best because its not the original rig, but you should be able to clean things up rather fast.

note that curenrly there is no wrist twist bone, and that handling a weapon this may actually be needed, possibly.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘paste opposite’, but I exported the animations like you said in the tutorial video, imported them by clicking the UE4 button, and when I click ‘DO IT ALL’ I just get this error

Looks like you didn’t install Rigify.
look up blenders animation paste opposite functions.

@Mikester4411 Hello. You said here that you had exported animations out of Unreal Engine 4? How did you do that? Were the FPP Melee Animset animations uasset files, and if they were, did you use Unreal Engine 4 to export and convert them into FBX files?

Thanks, that’s fixed it

How do I mirror the animation but not the skeleton please? I’ve used Blender one time properly, not including using the Mixamo to UE4 converter, and gave up because the controls don’t make any sense to me, haha, and there’s so much to it

Select the hand IK, possibly the pole too. And the shoulder twist. Ctrl C to copy the pose.
ctrl shift v to paste opposite.

Honestly not positive I ever posted it, but it should be part of a walk cycle tutorial…