exporting from sketchup to 3ds max to ue4 goes wrong

when im exporting a mesh from sketchup to 3ds max and then to ue4, it doesnt importing the whole mesh…1.JPG
what can i do?

Are you sure it’s not importing the the whole mesh. To me it looks like your normals are flipped. Make your material 2 side. If the faces show up then the normal are pointing in the wrong direction. You can fix the normal orientation in Max.

Yeah normals are always messed up from sketchup to max, but as DANDERSON said, just make your materials 2 sided.

Well I’m not sure about Max but when bringing SketchUp models to Maya to Unreal you need to Merge the vertices in Maya because SketchUp has this odd idiosyncrasy in that when exporting models the vertices aren’t joined together, they’re all separate from each other, meaning that you can’t UV Unwrap models. Maybe this issue you’re having is related to that…?