Exporting from Rhino

Do any of you have experience exporting from Rhino? It works but there are some annoyances that I’d like to get around if at all possible. For example, when I export as .fbx, UE4 sees everything as either one single mesh or many separate meshes. The single mesh is fine but it causes some annoyances with 2D surfaces only being visible from one side (even if the double-sided thing is on) and the separate meshes are annoying because in some cases there are a huge number of them and I don’t think I could ever get them lined up correctly and even then it seems like a wasted effort. Is there a way to export a rhino file as a bunch of separate meshes that are also properly placed relative to each other (like a group of objects)?

Alternatively, are there any other tips you folks could give me to make the process less annoying that don’t involve using a different program?

With separate meshes just select them all at once and drag them onto the stage.

Rhino is really not designed for that purpose, the meshes you get from it will likely have problems.