exporting from Maya to UnrealEngine4

Hello guys.
I`m using Maya 2015 and this is my first experience of exporting my own models into UE4.
Can you help me - how to properly export models into UE4.
Because when I tried to export there was some issues:

  • not all materials exporting or not all materials supporting byUE4 (how to export models with it material/texture);
  • after exporting the scale of the models not the same as in Maya, and model in UE not scaled as in Maya.

I’ve never exported the materials with my model, so unfortunately I can’t help you with that - other than to ask if you made sure to check the boxes for textures/materials on import? But with regards to scale, did you make sure to setup your grid in maya to match unreal? UE4 uses Unreal Units which is equal to CM ,in maya. These are the grid settings I use:

length: 512
grid lines: every 10 units
subdivisions: 1

Thanks, I have used another grid settings, I think it will help.

Happy to help! You can also download the unreal blue guy (somewhere on their documentation site, forgot the link) and use him as a reference as well.